Menu incanto

Prefix Course (course comprising items selected from the a la carte menu)


A rich variety of local tastes and flavors from throughout Italy
Our guests select dishes from our extensive a la carte menu of local Italian specialties, and these dishes are served in a many-plate combination degustazione-style.

Menu incantoMenu incanto
  • Stuzzichini (amuse-bouche)
Please select items from the a la carte menu below.
  • Antipasto 1 (appetizer 1)
  • Antipasto 2 (appetizer 2)
  • Primo Piatto 1 (pasta, risotto, etc. 1)
  • Primo Piatto 2 (pasta, risotto, etc. 2)
  • Secondo Piatto (main dish)
  • Dolce o Formaggi (dessert or a small platter of cheeses)
  • Caffe, Piccola Pasticcera (coffee and sweets)
  • *This course is served per table (everyone in a dinner party is served the same dishes)
  • *The photograph is an image.

Menu Degustazione dello CHEF

Chef’s Seasonal Course

From ¥9,000

This course features seasonal ingredients and tastes deliciously coordinated by our chef.
Although this course comprises the same number and combination of dishes as the Prefix Course, it includes special dishes not offered on the typical menu.

  • *This course is served per table. The course is created in accordance with the availability of seasonal ingredients. Accordingly, depending on the ingredients of the dish, there may be a limit to the number of servings of that dish. Please feel free to discuss any preferences or allergies when calling to make your reservation.