Incanto...This is an Italian word meaning “enchantment” or “magic.”
The restaurant’s owner-sommelier, Wataru Takeishi, has professional credentials approved by the Italian Sommelier Association and carefully selects wines from throughout Italy to pair with local specialty dishes, rich with the fragrance of the earth, and rooted in the regions where these wines were born. Incanto is a restaurant where you can enjoy both these pleasures in a relaxing atmosphere.
If our elegant atmosphere, heartfelt service, and delicious food and wine enchants our guests...
And if we can cast a magic spell over our guests, transporting them in an instant to Italy while in Tokyo...
There can be no greater joy for our staff.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to Incanto.

dal 2007.9.7

Counter seating is also available.
Please feel free to enjoy the restaurant as a wine bar.